Hi Bunny Jiujitsu readers!

My bunny and I are retreating from BJJ blogging for a bit.

Rest assured, I did NOT quit BJJ! We are still going strong! Honestly, I feel conflicted as I find I can’t be myself and experiencing privacy issues as I blog here.

To all your fellow female BJJ’ers out there, I wanted to say – Stay strong, don’t be silent, don’t be afraid to complain, group up with your fellow female BJJ’ers and always wash your gi after class. Being sunny and supportive to all your teammates will put in a good word for other females that enter BJJ at your school.

And, to my fellow out-of-shape BJJ’ers – I’m one of those 200lb gals and don’t let all those 115lb in-shape BJJ gals bring you down. Pure will and love for BJJ will get you through a class and sparring sessions, you don’t need to be fit. You will find your own strengths in BJJ.



Weird Male Rolling Behaviors with Women in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – white belts

I thought I needed a brother entry to my Rolling with Women/weird behaviors post. Since then, I’ve been compiling rants after rolling with some guys for this post. At this time, I’m a white belt rolling with other white belts.

Of course, I don’t mean that ALL men do these behaviors. I’ve worked with lots of great guys who are helpful and talented. Most often, the thought of I’m rolling with a guy doesn’t enter my mind.

1. The Charmer

He’s nice – very helpful, will correct you and is very patient. At the low end of spectrum this is a great guy to roll with for someone who is new and wants to polish up a few things. However, this gets a little weird with boundaries and on one end is friendly to the other end of overly friendly. I’ve overheard these guys telling other gals “If you need anything, I’m always here and we can stay late.” and commenting how they smell nice.

Best course of action for fellow ladies: Feel free to take them up for help but tread closely if you start getting a creepaziod vibe. Draw your boundary, mention your husband/boyfriend. Tell the guy this isn’t appropriate or go to your instructor.

Guys: Might be better to try and pick up women after class.  We are here to do jiu-jitsu.

2. The Wanna-be Mentor

He “knows” his stuff and will be happy to show you the tricks of the trade. He’s willing to walk you through the whole move, go slow and in fine detail. That is cool and is another great personality type to roll with as a white belt. However the evil “Wanna-be” mentor comes out more toxic when they do these behaviors:

a. You, the female, out rank him in experience and he’s obviously assuming you don’t know shit all about jiu-jitsu. Insulting!

b. He doesn’t know enough or is doing things wrong. You attempt to correct him and he doesn’t listen or says “its okay, I did it right, but what you need to work on blahblah” despite he completely failed doing the drilled move and hurt himself in the process.

Best course of action for fellow ladies: I’ve had other white and blue belts tell me tricks that helped me out and it is all kinds of awesome! *glittery eyed*. However for the toxic wanna be mentor I try to avoid or just mess up their gameplan by getting out of their moves and hoping they’ll learn that way.

Guys: Hey dude, swallow up that ego. You need to accept feedback or you’ll forever be a white belt.

3. Shy Guy

He’s VERY AWARE he’s rolling with a female the entire time. Maybe there’s a fear that the gal is going to scream “sexual assault” at the end of the class. He will NEVER touch you on the chest or hip even if it means doing the move completely wrong and failing. We can also dig deeper on this poor guy being completely depraved, but lets not.

Best course of action for fellow ladies: Point out if they are screwing up moves and such. If it becomes an awkward “I’m smashing your boob” discussion, just say “I’m tough, so worry.” “What can we do, it’s jiu-jitsu.” “I didn’t notice”.

Guys: I’m reassuring you guys out there - I am in jiu-jitsu and I understand it’s a sport where bodies are close to each other. I accept that the accidental boob smash will happen. I will not scream “rape” if it happens. On the otherside, to all the hopeful creepaziod white belt guys – if you do something intentionally creepy I will know, you will hear about it from me or  from the instructor I make my complaint to.

4. The Gentleman

Similar to the Gentlewoman, this guy thinks his crazy strength will rip a poor girl in two.  He will do the most lamest side control and not put any weight on you. He will have zero grip and have lots of space. I’ve met a few big guys who auto are overly gentle to all their partners, maybe they don’t want to hurt others or accidentally hurt others in the past.

Best course of action for fellow ladies: Reassure you are tough and doing jiu jitsu to learn. Some drills depend on realistic bad guy behavior and it is hard to learn if there is no resistance, so no limp noodles or dead fish – so stress that.

Guys: You aren’t going to kill us by maintaining good positional control. I love rolling with a guy who is much bigger than me. Why? If I get my BJJ moves to work on you, they will work on everyone else!

5. Trying not to be sexist guy

This is more more subtle, but also a compliment. These guys will say stuff like “You are really strong and good at jiu-jitsu…. FOR A GIRL!”, “I’m not sexist, but you are really tough for a lady” or “Wow, you are doing well even though I’m twice as strong than you” Yes, that’s the beauty of BJJ – moves that work against a bigger stronger opponent. These are nice compliments that make me feel good and more badass than my fellow females in class. But, these compliments are also kinda weird in reminding gals we aren’t good as a guy.

On the toxic creepy side is compliments like “Good girl!” “That’s a good girl” well, I find these comments creepy… I’m not a kid or a pet.

Best course of action for fellow ladies: Feel glad to break some gender stereotypes being tough and strong! The creepy weird “Good girl” comments is hard to address besides giving them a weird look and saying something about it.

Guys: Starting a sentence with “I’m not sexist but” is just asking for trouble. I’d just keep the compliments simple like “You did X move well”. Do not do “Good girl” comments please.

6. The Macho Man

This guy will get injured and just keep going – that’s fine and seems typical as the adrenaline is flowing. These guys will also tap LATE. You get them in an armbar and apply pressure – you can feel their tapping hand hovering and hesitating. You keep cranking and finally they tapped, then secretly they cradle their arm and we continue on. Their behavior totally shows they are in pain and should sit out or get some ice. I offered to help get some ice and they refuse and keep wanting to roll. After rolling the poor guy is limping with a potential broken toe and is grabbing their right elbow as if to keep it from falling off. I’m not sure if they wouldn’t tap out anyways, regardless of partner, or there’s some “must not seem weak in front of a lady!” thing going on. If I was that busted up I’d want ice and to sit out.

Best course of action for fellow ladies: Don’t fret and feel crappy you beat up this poor guy. While rolling, encourage them to tap or if they aren’t, ask if the move isn’t in right. Some new white belts have weird ideas that tapping = they feel pain and count to 5, then tap. I’d also not hold a choke for too long.

Guys: Rest assured, if you tap, you aren’t weak. Staying healthy should be a priority than looking badass. If you want to look badass, get a tattoo or patch your gi with something cool across your butt.

7. Sexist old morals Guy

I see them post on forums or videos regarding women’s MMA “Women shouldn’t be fighting. Its not right.” kind of crap. I thought those men aren’t actually real, but alas, I’ve rolled with one and there’s probably more out there that just avoid me in BJJ class.

They will try to avoid rolling with you – even if you are the last 2 people who aren’t paired up. I can understand as many would assume a gal would prefer to roll with another gal. If they get forced paired with you they’ll be all “Are you sure, I roll really hard and a woman should never be ruffed up like that.” or “I can’t roll the way I usually do because I’m going to hurt you and there’s no way I can hurt a girl.” There also could be cultural differences here.

Best course of action for fellow ladies: Do your best technique, maybe triangle them so efficiently that your bite makes their eyes pop out. Or reassure them you are tough and working with a guy makes it more street realistic for you or helps your BJJ practice.

Guys: At least your honest. In reality, you know that you can’t be there to protect every woman in your life against every back alley thug, so respect the women that want to learn how to defend themselves instead of inflicting your beliefs on them.

8. The Spaz

Yup, there’s both Girl spazzes and Guy spazzes. Both just as deceiving. The guy could be fairly new and look harmless, but all his new BJJ moves cause you to be launched into the air.  They rely a lot on strength too, I’ve been wrenched and tossed around with them on my back and sent flying on elbow escapes.

Best course of action for fellow ladies: Be careful, I find the male spazzes can pack a harder punch than the gal ones!  Tell them to slow down and break down the move little by little, then prepare to be launched into space. Break fall! Tap early! Resist the urge to put them to sleep to hopefully make them calm down.

Guys: Limit your caffeine or something please! Or take out your spaz on a younger brother or something.


In the end and most important – reflect on what pisses you off before it happens and you do something rash. Once I was really tempted to “accidentally” groin a guy for being a jerk but I quickly brushed it off and kept myself in “JIU JITSU BUSINESS” mode.

As always, if the guy is a super turd and you just can’t deal, let an instructor know.


EDIT: Comments disabled due to mass amounts of  chauvinistic male comments. How hard is it to just roll fair and be nice, as if you were sparring with another human?

KaiMatcha – A BJJ Endurance Blaster

I love matcha! I’ve been hooked on Red Leaf Teas stuff, but I was able to snag a tin of KaiMatcha‘s Premium: Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder as part of a giveaway.

Looking at KaiMatcha’s website, this matcha is hand picked from Uji, Kyoto in Japan. Fancy! There are lots of health benefits to matcha, much much more than drinking regular green tea since you are drinking up the whole leaf, not a steeping of it. List of Health benefits by KaiMatcha quotes increased fat oxidation, increased energy and physical endurance with the calming effect of tea.

I can vouch for the energy, endurance and calming part! The best part is when I drink a cup or two of matcha before jiu jitsu, I got a blast of constant energy!  Though, I must note I’m not hyper in the jittery coffee/energy drink crazy sense. When I need to stay cool and calm in modified side mount, I can without jittering about. Fat loss? ehhh, hard to say if it effects my weight loss since I’m pretty active.

I feel all my fellow brazilian jiu jitsu peeps are really into coconut water or acai concoctions, so I feel like a weirdo green sheep running around with a bottle of iced matcha. But hey, the green matches the green jiu jitsu mats!

Let’s check out this matcha:

The tin comes sealed up in a nice air tight tin with a screw on lid.

The KaiMatcha powder is a vibrant green and smells fantastic! I’m not sure why, but I’m reminded of sweets when I smell this. Or maybe like smelling a pea plant in the sun. I dunno. Maybe watching Iron Chef re-runs are getting to me.

This matcha taste sweet!  The matcha taste pure and natural,  not grassy or bitter, which is hard to find in a good green tea. It has a light and crisp green tea flavor, but yet full of flavor and not watery (if that makes sense). The sweetness is like a mix of sugar snap peas in it with the green tea! I’m almost reminded of the sweetness in iceburg lettuce as well.

Years ago I drank bagged teas and within the last 2 years I’ve jumped to loose leaf teas – the flavor is a huge change. No mulchy, tinny, papery taste – more tea flavor. Now having matcha it is another jump to full bodied tea with amazing super powers.

Delicious even to the dregs

I’m thinking this is a great matcha to start with, easy to make, it’s not strong tasting or weird. I found the KaiMatcha to be easier to use than the other matchas I’ve tried – I sifted it but it fell through so easy that it probably doesn’t need sifting to avoid clumps. It frothed up easily, I probably could use a fork and get it to froth. With that said, give matcha a try – switch out for your morning coffee!  Or just fill up a tumbler with water, ice and 1/4tsp of Kaimatcha, stir and hit the mats!

Sugar Buster Matcha

Mmmm, Matchas! I am a tea fanatic. I find tea filling, tasty, lots of different types and flavors to try – there is a tea out there for everyone. Matcha is interesting as it’s a high quality green tea in a fine powder form. Wikipedia states that matcha has a much more antioxidants than regular green tea, up to 137 times more!

Red Leaf Tea makes fabulous matchas! Their matcha selection is HUUUGE! They got lots of fun flavours such as caramel, cheesecake, egg nog, pistachio and mango, just to name a few.

This one matcha in particular is of interest: The Sugar Buster Matcha

Look how tasty it looks!

Well, I did make it really fancy here.

What is in the Sugar Buster Matcha to make it so sugar bustery? Gymnema Sylvestre a herb that effects the taste of sweet, which may reduce cravings for sugar.

Off Red Leaf tea’s site,

Matcha Tea and Gymnema enables sugar to be absorbed in the intestine. This tea blend blocks the sugar taste so you do not crave it as much. Gymnema Sylvestre is very often used in the Ayurvedic (long life) community to help control Types I and II Diabetes. Matcha and Gymnema are also known to help regulate weight loss and cholesterol levels.
The National Institute of Health conducted a study showing that Gymnema can be a safe and effective weight-loss formula that helps reduce excess body weight and BMI (body mass index) while maintaining healthy levels of blood lipids. Source: NIH http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15056124

Pretty nifty, eh?

So, when you order a match off Red Leaf Teas you can select the grade of matcha, from starter to imperial (high class, teehehe). You can also select the flavor concentration from delicate to “There’s Matcha in there?!”. So, if you want the Bavarian Cream matcha you can rig it to taste like drinking liquid bavarian cream without all the calories of sucking the insides of a donut.

For my order, I got these specs:

The Sugar Buster Matcha

Quality: Starter (Basic Grade)

Flavor: Delicate

Small tin

The matcha comes looking like this:

(ignore that it’s another flavor, I already tore into the sugar buster pouch and all I had left was the other unopened flavor I ordered)

I highly recommend ordering the tin – it perfectly holds your matcha and keeps it air tight fresh and less messy. As you can see, the matcha comes in a non resealable gold bag so you really need another vessel to store the matcha in.

With all the orders I’ve received from Red Leaf I was given a pamphlet with instructions on how to prepare your matcha, which is pretty easy and you don’t need a whole bunch of special gear. If you want the gear, Red Leaf Tea sells it.

I used a fine mesh strainer off a tea pot – sifting the matcha is essential so there is no clumps! You can use a small bowl or wide mug to prepare and serve in. You will also need a whisk. I got the snazzy bamboo whisk, but I’ve used a small wire whisk with a little extra muscle.

You add a round 1/3 cup of hot water (180 f, not boiling) and whisk the tasty stuff using a M or W motion to make some tasty foam. After that, top with a bit more water to the strength you like your tea at, and enjoy!

Hot, this matcha tastes deliciously strong green tea and earthy. The sugar buster matcha has a slight natural sweet taste at first, then the sweetness disappears off my tongue. It’s like the opposite effect of stevia to me (which taste like nothing, then hits the back of my throat sweet) but much less sweet. FYI, it’s just 6 calories in a cup of matcha.

That’s not all you can do with matcha! Matcha is killer in a smoothie!

For my smoothie of amazing low calorie, high protein, sugar busting tastyness:

1/2 teaspoon of Sugar Buster Matcha

1 cup of soy milk (or whatever milk you like)

1 scoop of protein powder (I am using ON 100% soy)

Ice cubes (optional)

1 blender bottle

Sift the matcha as usual over the soymilk. Add protein powder. Close the bottle and shake. Drink out of the bottle like a boss, or pour out into a fancy glass. Very fast and easy to make!

The blender bottle makes for lots of tasty froth! From drinking the smoothie I feel very full and energized! I barely could finish the entire smoothie! I found the sweet disappearing effect to linger on my tongue. Time will tell if it reduces my crazy sugar cravings, but regardless, very yummy drink and lots of health benefits!

Red leaf tea also has some recipes listed on their site for other matcha ideas. There is even more recipes online. Sugar Buster matcha cookies? hmm.. that might defeat the purpose!

Overall, pretty good. I’ve had some matcha powder mixes from my local asian supermarket and Red Leaf’s matcha are much high quality. It’s not ultra bitter, mowed lawn taste or loaded with sugar. I’ve had a couple flavors so far (caramel, cheesecake, raspberry and bavarian cream) and they all taste pretty spot on.

I totally needed this smoothie too. I had a BRUTAL couple days of brazilian jiu-jitsu. I got my butt kicked for one class and a crazy work out that left me ragged and tested my cardio. I spent the rest of the evening in the bath tub with a couple cups of epsom salts. Then I went to jitz again the next morning and just performed terribly as I felt stiff and tired out. I should of done a long stretching session. I really want to just curl up and eat cookies, but this matcha smoothie really hit the spot! Off to stretch!


Cherry Almond Protein Smoothie Recipe

Mmmm another yummy smoothie! I got the idea for this one off a tea, a Cherry Almond tea that sounded amazing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a hold of the limited edition tea, but I could make a smoothie of it!

What you need:

  • 1 cup of milk / soy milk/ etc.
  • 1 scoop of protein powder
  • 1 tablespoon of almond butter
  • 1/2 cup of frozen cherries
  • 1 frozen banana (optional)
  • sweetener (optional)

Blend all ingredients together. The result:


A delicious sweet, fruity cherry and nutty smooth almond smoothie! Very tasty, I sipped this after weight lifting, relaxing on my jiu-jitsu mats!

Try it out and tell me what you think!

Practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or other Martial Arts During a Period (with no leaks!)


A fear of mine and probably shared with other women in martial arts: having a period leak all over the white gi. Then over the partner’s gi. Then it’s smeared all over the mat looking like a violent UFC fight with a head wound… okie this last one sounds very unlikely and more towards a horrible dream.

In brazilian jiu-jitsu there is a lot of movement with your partner, gi’s get messed up and you are sweating all over. For me, I find when I’m exercising my flow increases, but less cramps. I rather be rolling and working out than sitting at home feeling like an lazy idiot with a heating pad or escaping to the bathroom a lot during practice.

What’s a gal to do?


I found I had issues with disposable pads and sweating. They would lose stickyness and start falling off from the sweat or lots of movement or freaking glue to my skin and feel completely horrible. I’ve overheard fellow gals questioning if their mega heavy pad could be felt while rolling. Tampons are decent, but if I got a heavy flow plus it is going stronger with working out, wearing a massive bullet was uncomfortable and a little scary in regards to TSS (as one should wear the lowest absorbency for their needs). In addition, these products can smell.

Best option: Menstrual Cup

(Fleurcup pictured here)

These puppies can hold quite a bit of fluid  and you can wear them for 12 hours! Huge perk I found was I changed it before jitz in the evening and I didn’t need to deal with it again until the next morning! Menstrual cups are usually made of medical silicone, but other brands do TPE or latex. They are reusable, lasting many many years. Menstrual cups have an amazing full protection with no leaks – and since the blood isn’t exposed to air, no smells.

Just to put into perspective how much a menstrual cup holds: A super tampon rates at  9 to 12grams. A mega torpedo ultra tampon is rated for 15 to 18g of blood. A small menstrual cup holds around 20ml and large sized menstrual cups holds 30ml to 42ml, depending on brand!

Another neat perk is that you don’t need a flow to put the cup in – say you know you will start your period today sometime, ya can put it in before working out and if you period starts you are covered. If it doesn’t, you didn’t waste a pad or hurt your insides removing a dry tampon. Also on that note, cups are cheap $15-$40 as a one time purchase. They are available in many colours – clear, pink, green, blue, purple, red, black and orange depending on the brand.

The PITA: Learning to insert it is a bit of a learning curve, but there are tons of youtube videos on folds, help forums and great FAQs by menstrual cup sellers.

Another issue is finding the right one for you - menstrual cups are not a one-size-fits-all  and probably never will be. Everyone’s anatomy is different and there are other factors such as age, given birth, sensitivities, height and flow. Best method is to determine whether you have a Short or Long Cervix and choose a cup accordingly. There are also firmness options – some cups are firmer, which are easier to use. Soft squishy cups are harder to use, but can be more comfortable for some people. Rest assured, most cup brands have different sizes and firmness to choose from.

For more help with menstrual cups, visit:
LiveJournal Menstrual Cup Community
Wikihow to use a menstrual cup
Menstrual Cup Info

Brands (just to name a few): Meluna, Fleurcup, Divacup, and Lunette - You can find them on sale off their websites, ebay, amazon and sometimes find them on sale in stores in the pads and tampons section depending where you live.

Second Best Option: The Cloth pad

(Yurtcraft Pad)

Cloth pads solves the disposable pad falling off or gluing to skin problems. They are reusable, very comfortable, easy to care for and can come in really cute prints so you can bleed all over ponies or owls. They also do not smell compared to disposable pads for some reason!

The wear similar to a disposable pad as they button around the undies. They don’t move around (though works best with a non-slippery good fit undie) and just as or similarly thin as disposables. I found absorbency is pretty good, but depends on brand – I have some cloth pads (Domino brand) that hold absurd amounts of fluid and are thinner than a comparable disposable pad. Fabrics are high-tech now!

For care, simply wash them in your washing machine in cold water and dry with a low temperature with your regular laundry. You can also pre soak in cold water with borax, oxyclean or vinegar if you are worried about stains (but who other than you will see the stains, if any? FYI, some fabrics like minkee do not stain!).

A tip though – go for a cotton or bamboo material instead of a flannel or minkee pad. Flannel and minkee pads tend to get warm in hot weather or sweaty conditions.

A few great sellers and shops: Yurtcraft, C-Pop Commodities, Domino Pads, and Party in My Pants. Online sellers are great and many do custom work so you can choose the print and length.

If you are a crafty type, you could make your own cloth pads – there are websites dedicated to what fabrics to use, patterns and such. Hey, someone make a funky jiu-jitsu print pad!

Overall, both menstrual cups and cloth pads are cheaper in the long run. There isn’t any piles of smelly garbage either.


Wear shorts underneath your giIt is usually a good idea to wear shorts underneath in case of potential de-pantsing, but wearing shorts add an additional buffer between your angry flow and your innocent white gi pants. Choose a nice compression short, or spandexy bicycle short.

Wear additional undies or period panties – Similar to shorts, wearing extra undies is another layer between you and the gi. Period Panties or similar products might help as well (but I haven’t tried them, so can’t comment how well they work).

Use multiple products at once – Feel free to use a heavy pad + a tampon. If you do end up with a low capacity menstrual cup and worried of leaks – use backup of a pad of some sort. I also have friends who wear multiple disposable pads at once – however I could see that being a mess.

In the end, if there is a minor leak – don’t freak out! Blot out what you can. Treat your gi with cold water so it won’t stain.  It is not the end of the world, I’ve often had to treat blood stains from my husband’s gi (open shaving cuts, nasty gi burns, scratches) so seeing a little blood on a gi is not a big deal.

Feel free to ask any questions or share what works for you! 

Strikeforce: Rousey vs Kaufman live

My first Strikeforce event to see  in person! The drive to San Digeo was pretty horrible though, so much traffic for a Saturday afternoon!

My seat wasn’t too bad, similar to the seats I had for UFC 146 in Vegas.

Though, venue wise, the MGM Grand Garden Arena was WAYYY better of a venue than San Diego’s Valley View Casino Center. Back in Vegas, when a round was in progress they would stop people from walking from outside to back to their seats until the round was over. However at this San Diego venue, they let people run around all the time, making it very irritating when the Tapout douchebags guys get up every 10 minutes and sit down during a round with arm loads of posters they bought at the mech stand.

Lots of female fans in the crowd cheering loudly for all the women fighters! That was cool! However, there was one irritating gal sitting nearby who was screaming stuff that made no sense. First, she seemed to cheer for both fighters “Nooo, straighten your arm Julie!” “Knee her Miesha!” mixed with garbled screams of panic that made everyone sitting within ear shot laughing at her.

What I hate the most is when a gal in the crowd shouts dumb things – “Stand them up” as soon as a pair of fighters drop to the ground. “Guillotine him!” to fighters doing stand up punches. “You are all a bunch of perverts!” shouts at all the men whistling at the gal carrying the Round 2 sign. *eye roll* Stop making fellow female MMA fans look stupid! (Though, I think they should level the field and next Invicta fight have built guys in thongs carrying the Round signs).

Woot knockout by Jacare! That was the second reason to be at this event – though I was looking looking forward to seeing some amazing jitz.

Here was the main reason I wanted to see this event:

Ronda Rousey! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Easy to see that she has the “Murder! Murder! I need arms for my fireplace” look on her face!

Say goodbye to your arm Kaufman! I did feel conflicted though, I should be cheering on Kaufman, being Canadian and all – I’m sorry (lol, so Canadian!)

The two main fights in this Strikeforce event was worth the horrible drive!

Spotted: I didn’t get a picture, but I totally saw Josh Barnett, in a suit, walk into the floor seating area. Me and about 5 others around me were freaking out and pointing at him.

Skanky-dressed women at MMA events phenomenon: This Strikeforce event had a few skanked out women but not as bad as Vegas MMA event of course. However, more women fans than the Los Angeles UFC on Fox event I went to, which was nice to see.

UFC on Fox 4

I was lucky enough to see UFC on Fox 4 Shogun vs. Vera live! Wooooot!

Unfortunately I ended up with nose bleed seats – last row on the edge of the arena. Very cheap tickets though!

Sucky thing with far seats (compared to the last event I went to, UFC 146) was I didn’t see any famous fighters walking around. Boooo! However, some good fights!

The triangle in the Lauzon vs Varner was pretty slick! Surprisingly enough, the next morning a Gracie breakdown of it was up!

(lol, they had to show the Bubba Gracie prank again, lol)


Machida had some lovely sakura petals in his walk out graphics. Wish I had better pictures, but this was the best I got from sitting far away. Next event I go to Staples Center – buying better seats (if the card is worth it).

A final observation – when I went to UFC 146 it was in Vegas and all the women were pretty skanked up. UFC on FOX 4 in Los Angeles, not much much skanked up women.  What was really funny was after the main event, I ran for the bathroom and the line up for the women’s was shorter than the mens! A FIRST! Then in the bathroom, lots of women asking “is the fight over?” Wahhhh, how could they miss the whole event?!?! Sigh.
Next event I’m going to: August 18th Rousey vs Kaufman – WOOOOOOOOOOOT!

Baked Banana Protein Oatmeal

I saw a baked oatmeal recipe on Pinterest and tried it out… it came out watery, bland and not filling at all so I ate more than I wanted. It also didn’t keep me going all day unlike my usual oatmeal breakfast. For my regular morning oatmeal treatment, I add protein powder and nuts to make it more filling.

After a few tries of modifying the original baked oatmeal recipe, I came up with this custardy and filling oatmeal. Makes a large amount, but this recipe is great to make for a Sunday breakfast with leftovers so you have breakfast already made for a week!  With breakfast already made, that gives you more time for Jiu-Jitsu!

Baked Banana Protein Oatmeal

Serves around 8

3-5 Bananas, sliced


2 cups Old Fashion Oats

1 tsp Baking powder

2 scoops of protein powder (I used ON 100% Soy)

1/2 cup  Nuts of your choice

Pinch of salt

Optional: 1 tsp Cinnamon, dash of nutmeg. Seeds of your choice


2 cups Milk or Milk alternative

3 eggs

1 tbsp Vanilla

1/4 cup oil (this helps to make sure the protein powder doesn’t dry out everything)


Optional toppings: liquid or dry sweetener. Extra fruit of your choice – can be baked in or added on top of the finished oatmeal.


Preheat oven to 375F.

Grease a 9 x 13 dish (7 x 11 works too for a taller oatmeal). Slice enough bananas to cover the bottom of the dish.

Mix the oats, baking powder, spices and protein powder together in a separate bowl and sprinkle on top of the bananas as evenly as you can. Top with nuts and seeds. Here I used walnuts and flax seeds.

If  you want a sweeter oatmeal, sprinkle a dry sweetener or drizzle liquid sweetener on top. Add additional fruit if desired. For this batch I squirted on some honey.

In a separate bowl (or using the now empty bowl you did the dry stuff in) beat the eggs, milk, vanilla and oil together.  Gently pour over the dry mixture.

Bake for 30-35 minutes or until the liquid has set. Serve with additional fruit and sweetener if desired.

A gal who likes UFC – Experience of going to an UFC event

I like UFC and I have my husband to thank for it. From watching all these amazing MMA athletes, I was introduced to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Growing up I was exposed to martial arts quite a bit as my parents both were into it and we watched lots of cheesy 80s /90s martial art movies and wuxia horribly dubbed films. The fav film of my house was “Bloodsport”.

My uncle watched early UFC, which I think he was into it more for the gambling. Back then when I’d see some MMA stuff I thought it was weird – too much of  two guys snuggling and sweating on the floor. Some of my facebook friends from high school (the ones you never really socialized with, but they add you to facebook) loved UFC – most noteably Georges St-Pierre (GSP). I admit, he is cute (sorry honey, I know my husband reads my blog).

So my then-boyfriend (now husband) was watching “The Ultimate Fighter” (TUF) with Team GSP vs Team Koscheck on his computer. I curiously ask about it, then eventually watch with him. Then all of a sudden I’m watching UFC and Strikeforce events and having fun. Then I’m watching Inside MMA (funny story with Inside MMA. I used to fall asleep during it constantly. Usually about halfway in when they start showing footage of fights. I don’t fall asleep much these days).

My first favorite fighter is GSP. He’s Canadian! On TUF he’s super smart, nice, charming, hardy to stupid Koscheck’s doucheyness.

And this recent video of him with the Google Nexus 7 is so cute and funny:

So I kept asking the husband to take us to see a UFC event live.  We finally snagged tickets to UFC 146 . Going to this event was going to make us miss jiu-jitsu class for a day but it was worth it!

I wanted to share pictures of UFC 146. As next week I’m going to another UFC event and later in August I’m going to a Strikeforce event (OMG RONDA ROUSEY!)

so UFC 146 Dos Santos vs Mir

These were our seats. We bought the mid-range price for the MGM grand arena in Las Vegas and we were 6 rows from the floor! What a deal!

Dan Hardy! I wish other fighters would dye their mohawks other colours, I think Dan Hardy has claimed red.

Jason Mayhem Miller. He had a really cool walk out! Then he noogied his opponent, lol!

Roy Big Country Nelson. Impressed he could jump onto the edge of the octagon! Great fight!

Cain Velasquez vs. Bigfoot Silva. The crowd was insane here! And the fight was really bloody, kinda scary.

One of the cool things about seeing a UFC event live – seeing other MMA fighters in person. You’ll see them walking on the floor or buying a hot dog. I spotted Benson Henderson walking into the stadium and sitting down – HOLY CRAP! Then I was on my phone checking his tweets during the event, too cool! Too bad Benson bunny was back home – he couldn’t come to see the event.. not really a safe place for a rabbit.

Annnd.. why we came to this event:

Junior Cigano Dos Santos. Crazy good punching power and speed. And he’s nice – a heavyweight guy that can knock-out punch people, but teddybear sweet. Sitting behind us was a group of Brazilians who were cheering with us and were bugging my husband the whole time to get a beer.

I was very pumped Dos Santos won!  He also flew a young fan from Brazil and brought him in the octagon during his win speech. So cute! Yep, Dos Santos is a total big-hearted teddy bear and an awesome role model! 

Overall, a really cool experience to see UFC live! Great energy!

Though  the weird thing I noticed about going to a MMA event – majority of the women seeing the event were in skanked up clothing – tiny sequined dresses and impossible tall heels. I felt really out of place dressed in a pretty t-shirt and ripped up jeans. The men looked normal – mostly in MMA brand or UFC shirts… but with a clubby looking girl hanging off their arm. I have no clue why women there dress up like that to UFC and no one passed the memo to me I need to dress up.  Why are the women dressing up? Only thing I can think of is they are all going clubbing after. All of them? Maybe it is because the event is in Vegas? I dunno.

Next MMA event I’m going to I’m wearing my jiu-jitsu swag! HOOO RAHHHHH! I’m not struggling up arena stairs in heels and if I need to toss punchy victories I’m not doing it in a strapless dress!


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