KaiMatcha – A BJJ Endurance Blaster

I love matcha! I’ve been hooked on Red Leaf Teas stuff, but I was able to snag a tin of KaiMatcha‘s Premium: Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder as part of a giveaway.

Looking at KaiMatcha’s website, this matcha is hand picked from Uji, Kyoto in Japan. Fancy! There are lots of health benefits to matcha, much much more than drinking regular green tea since you are drinking up the whole leaf, not a steeping of it. List of Health benefits by KaiMatcha quotes increased fat oxidation, increased energy and physical endurance with the calming effect of tea.

I can vouch for the energy, endurance and calming part! The best part is when I drink a cup or two of matcha before jiu jitsu, I got a blast of constant energy!  Though, I must note I’m not hyper in the jittery coffee/energy drink crazy sense. When I need to stay cool and calm in modified side mount, I can without jittering about. Fat loss? ehhh, hard to say if it effects my weight loss since I’m pretty active.

I feel all my fellow brazilian jiu jitsu peeps are really into coconut water or acai concoctions, so I feel like a weirdo green sheep running around with a bottle of iced matcha. But hey, the green matches the green jiu jitsu mats!

Let’s check out this matcha:

The tin comes sealed up in a nice air tight tin with a screw on lid.

The KaiMatcha powder is a vibrant green and smells fantastic! I’m not sure why, but I’m reminded of sweets when I smell this. Or maybe like smelling a pea plant in the sun. I dunno. Maybe watching Iron Chef re-runs are getting to me.

This matcha taste sweet!  The matcha taste pure and natural,  not grassy or bitter, which is hard to find in a good green tea. It has a light and crisp green tea flavor, but yet full of flavor and not watery (if that makes sense). The sweetness is like a mix of sugar snap peas in it with the green tea! I’m almost reminded of the sweetness in iceburg lettuce as well.

Years ago I drank bagged teas and within the last 2 years I’ve jumped to loose leaf teas – the flavor is a huge change. No mulchy, tinny, papery taste – more tea flavor. Now having matcha it is another jump to full bodied tea with amazing super powers.

Delicious even to the dregs

I’m thinking this is a great matcha to start with, easy to make, it’s not strong tasting or weird. I found the KaiMatcha to be easier to use than the other matchas I’ve tried – I sifted it but it fell through so easy that it probably doesn’t need sifting to avoid clumps. It frothed up easily, I probably could use a fork and get it to froth. With that said, give matcha a try – switch out for your morning coffee!  Or just fill up a tumbler with water, ice and 1/4tsp of Kaimatcha, stir and hit the mats!

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  1. Dear lord that looks so gross! I WANT to like green tea but it’s so disgusting tasting that I just can’t do it. I’ll take my coffee every day of the week. More power on ya if you love green tea!

  2. I LOVE green tea. Lately, I have been having four cups of a white tea, roiboos, and nettle leaf mix that I over steep. This powder green tea sounds scary!

    • They have white matcha (so ground up white tea) and red matcha (rooibos) at Red Leaf Tea. I haven’t tried the red matcha as I’m not into rooibos, but the white matcha wasn’t bad but on the astringent side. The powder is pretty easy to use and surprisingly refreshing.

      • What’s the mixing process? Sounds enticing, but I am wondering if it would be more expensive than my current process.

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